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One you start eating great pasta, you won't want to be without it! We offer several subscriptions with discounts.

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  • Kids Bundle

    Kids love pasta, puppies and kitties. We put it all together for you in this package. 1lb of Figaro kitty shaped pasta and 1lb of Fido puppy shaped pasta. $15

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  • Most Popular Shapes Bundle

    Not sure which shape to get?

    We've got you covered with 3 of our most popular shapes. Casarecce, Reginette

    and Trombe. $22.50

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  • Large Family Bundle

    La Grande Famiglia Bundle. One of our best deals. Do you have a crew of pasta lovers at home? This bundle contains nearly 10lbs of pasta for $40.

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  • Traditional Methods

    Bronze Dies

    Rougher texture so sauce sticks.

    Slow drying to retain aroma, taste and nutrition

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  • Organic American Grain  Pure and Clean

    Single Ingredient

    Organic American Grain

    Pure and Clean

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  • For Health

    High in Protein. Low Sugar(2g) Complex Carbohydrate

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